St Eligius

St Eligius - photo from wikipedia

First I want to preface this post by saying that I’m not catholic.  But as a metalworker, I need to give props to St Eligius (or Eloy) whose feast day is on December 1st (the first day of Cuffmas, what a coincidence!)  A little info on the saint from Wikipedia:

He is the patron of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, and all workers in metal. He is generally represented as a bishop, a crosier in his right hand, holding a miniature church of chased gold on the open palm of his left hand. St. Eligius is also the patron saint of cattle and horses.

You can see why I want to honor him.  If you want some more info on his hagiography, you can visit the St Eligius page on Saints & Angels.  (St Eligius is also the name of the hospital in St Elsewhere for all you Mark Harmon/Denzel/Howie Mandel fans out there)