AEDM – Third Update and Some New Work

My Blank Table

You’ve probably been wondering what happened to my Art Every Day Month project.  So have I.  I just took too long to get started and then lost my motivation to work on it.  Today I even thought about completely throwing in the towel.  I just couldn’t fill out the elements of me into such a rigid structure.  It all felt forced.

Then, while I was walking the dog, I came up with a new idea for my periodic table – My Tools!  This is something I can get into.  I can fit them into a more rigid structure, I can pick and choose which ones to include.  I can get my motivation back to work on this project.

I turned the table upside down to kind of look like a workbench.  The two rows at the top are for my hammers and the rest of the tools are loosely grouped in the big table.  Now I just need to cut out the blocks and make the images for the squares and glue it all together.

Two brass cuffs completed and the sterling cuff and ring are waiting to be oxidized and then I'll set a blue topaz in the cuff.

I also worked in the studio today and made three cuffs and a pinky ring.  On Sunday I cut the bezels off of my fourth collar and turned the remainder into a stone-less collar.  I like the way it turned out.

Smaller and lighter than the first three collars.

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