New Work – A Matched Set!

Petals - ©2010 sterling silver

One of my jewelery goals this year was to create a matched set.  I tried different designs, but none of them were speaking to me.  While I was working on all those collars, I began to think about making a bracelet that referenced some of their elements.  I chose the end of my Arrow collar without the stone as the element to work into the bracelet, doubled it,  wrapped it around, and voila! Petals was born.

Petals ring ©2010 sterling silver

I made a ring that mimicked the bracelet and quickly followed that with a pendant and a pair of earrings.  Each piece works on its own, but it functions as a set as well.

Petals earrings ©2010 sterling silver

This was exactly what I wanted out of my matched set goal.  These pieces fit into my body of work and offer a smaller alternative to my collars.

Petasl pendant - ©2010 sterling silver

All four pieces are sterling silver and will be available at Veleska Jewelry in Lancaster, PA during the December Showcase that I’m sharing there with Lisa Gallagher.

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