7 Things I’ve Learned From Playing Spider Solitaire

Yes, we all waste time sometimes playing games on our computers.  Spider Solitaire is my personal downtime game.  Surprisingly, you can learn things from playing a stupid card game.

  • You can stick with the easy setting and keep winning, but that gets boring. Sure you can keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, making that one piece that always sells, but don’t you want to challenge yourself?
  • Sometimes you have to go backward to move forward. If you make a bad move (or any mistake) sometimes you have to go back and fix it before you’re able to progress.
  • If you rush through things and just make the most obvious moves, you won’t win. This goes hand in hand with my mantra “Slow is Fast.”  Take the time to really look at what your next move should be and what move you make after that one.
  • Don’t think that you can conquer the hardest level if you haven’t mastered the level that you’re on. Yes, I said that you should challenge yourself, but that doesn’t mean that you should hold yourself to unachievable standards.  You have to practice to master anything, and it helps to take things one step at a time.
  • Keep trying. Sure, it may seem like you’ll never be able to beat the two suit level, but you just have to practice.
  • Don’t let a stupid game ruin your day. One thing going wrong doesn’t mean that everything is ruined.  Regroup and figure out how to progress from here.  And yes, sometimes you just have to cut ties and move on to something else.
  • You should always give yourself fireworks when you achieve your goal. What good is achieving something if you never pause to enjoy it?  I still smile when those cheesy fireworks pop up after finishing a game.

Have you ever had a surprising insight while playing a game?  Leave a comment and share your experience.

2 thoughts on “7 Things I’ve Learned From Playing Spider Solitaire

  1. Wendy, this is very timely for me. I am taking metalsmithing classes at the university and really rushed through a class project. Taking on more than I could chew. My piece was completely shot down in the critique session due to poor worksmanship on my part. I was rushing. I should have only tried maybe one new thing and practice it before using it in a piece. Thank you for your blog today – it gave me new insight and hope that I can be better and I should keep at it.


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