AEDM 2010 – Beginning My Periodic Table

I haven’t posted about Art Every Day Month yet because I don’t have much to show.  I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I want to approach the table, so it’s mostly been mental work and notes in my notebook.

I have decided to use some black ill board I have lying around as the back and then cut each “element” out of another piece so that there is some dimensionality to the piece.  I’ve also been deciding what each “element” should be.  I think I have a good idea of the general categories I’ll be using, now it’s time to get specific!

Next step is to hit the craft store for some supplies and choose all the specific ‘elements’ and then start making the squares.  Then I will finally have pictures to share with you.


The Best 55 Online Periodic Tables – Has links to both real and funny periodic tables

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