Who Are You? (who who who who)

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Every week I write posts that you guys gobble up like waffles at a Hampton Inn.  But who are the people who are reading these posts?  What is it that you do?  Why do you like to read Hammermarks?  What are the things that interest you (both art and non-art related?)

Leave some comments and tell us a little bit about who YOU are.

5 thoughts on “Who Are You? (who who who who)

  1. Who am I? I am someone who’ll be humming that song the rest of the day, which is okay, because I like it. I am a (newly PGC juried) enamelist who works as an insurance professional to get benefits and spending cash. Besides enameling, I am a crazed perennial gardener. When I was younger, I sang with my husband and a friend in all the best dive bars in central PA, including doing a “Who” medley. I have seen your work at several PGC events and love your style. I also blog once a week and wonder about my readers, too. I read your blog because it connects me to you, a fellow artist, in a way that expands my appreciation of your work. Thanks for doing it.


    1. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist it! I like using songs for my post titles. Thank you so much for sharing a bit about you. (I snuck a peek at your blog and saw your photo. I remember you from my last show. Now I have your name attached to your face, someone else told me to look you up. Funny how all the connections work!)


  2. Thanks for the question, Wendy. I’m a studio woodturner and wood turning demonstrator based in East Stroudsburg, up in N. E. PA. Although I like to say that I specialize in artistic and functional lathe-turned work (candlesticks, cremation urns, bowls, and what I think are a pretty neat line of “Old Tyme” pepper mills and coffee grinders), I’ve accepted commissions to turn everything from replacement ballusters for folks getting old houses ready for sale to antique chair and spinning wheel restorations, to Indian clubs…. The list goes on. Translation: I love challenges and meeting and working with collectors!

    Lately though, I’ve gotten into website design for some folks in the arts arena. I’d built my own site (which I’m upgrading to include a storefront. And yes, I will finish it!) Anyway, I guess they liked what they saw and wanted something similar. So….

    But back to topic. Prior to turning (no pun intended) my woodturning hobby into a business, I spent 38 years in IT doing mostly large-scale project and program management.

    Beyond that, I love the outdoors and am a serious history buff.


  3. Hello Wendy, I’m a silver-basher and lapidary in the UK.
    I like your posts about tools, and what you’re working on, and the craft. I like growing vegetables, I like riding my bike, and I like beer. And I like the fact that through blogging, I have been able to have a stop-start conversation with new people on another continent as easily as with my friends from down the road.
    I also wonder about my readers. I want them to stay and comment, but few of them do 😦 and I wonder if it’s shyness, or if I’m just not saying what they need at that time.


  4. Thanks Brad and Fire&Hammers! I love finding out what people do in their downtime. It’s easy to just keep talking shop but sometimes I’d like to mix it up a little but still keep it interesting to everyone. So far it looks like people are into the outdoors, so that’s something else you all have in common.

    @fireandhammers Don’t get too down about the comment thing. My comments have only started picking up recently and I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years! Sometimes it just takes a little time for people to get comfortable enough to comment or maybe you need more posts that will incite them. Try some controversial topics 😉 or asking them questions or surveys. It’s hard sometimes to know what will push people to finally talk out loud.


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