Art Every Day Month 2010

November is less than a week away and it’s time for me to decide on what I’m doing for Art Every Day Month.  Last year I did a Doodle a Day and the year before that a set of Inspiration Cards.  I’ve been thinking about it and here are some choices I came up with:

  • Periodic Table of Wendy
    My fabulous Periodic Table Poster in my studio

    I saw an idea like this on Twitter (I believe @soartmodel tweeted the link to it) where someone made a periodic table that listed their music and film influences.  I can’t seem to find the link right now, but I discovered all different kinds of periodic tables.  I love the periodic table and I thought that I would use the elements that make me who I am – different influences, favorite music/movies, places I find inspiration, that kind of thing.


  • Doodle a Day – Yes, this is what I did last year, but I really enjoyed it and it forced me to create something each day, whether I felt like it or not.
  • A Major Drawing or Painting – Yes, you read that right.  I used to enjoy pen and ink drawing and watercolor, but art school cured me of that.  My last two AEDM projects reminded me that I enjoy these activities, but I haven’t been able to work them into any sort of routine.
  • 30 Rings Hath November – This project even has a catchy name!  Inspired by Sara
    This ring has a London Blue Topaz.

    Westermark‘s Ring a Day project, I thought that I might want to make a ring for each day in November.  I usually try to do something non-metal related for AEDM to mix up the creative juices, but I did consider this.

So which one do you think I should pick?  Or do you have a better idea for my AEDM project?  Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll consider them before making a final decision.  You’ll find out which I choose this weekend (or possibly Monday.)

6 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2010

  1. Oh gosh, I love all those ideas. I think the periodic table and the rings one tickle me the most, but any of them would be fabulous!


  2. Hi Wendy, The periodic table is a fun idea. Doodle a day, and your rings are so fun. they all sort of relate, don’t they? I’m waffling on AEDM…may have to jump in!
    Wonderful blog, I found you through Alyson Stanfield’s tweet!


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