Some New Colors in New Pieces

A cuff and two rings.
The cuff on - don't you love that stone?!

You may have been wondering what I’ve been working on in the studio lately.  I’ve begun using some deep colored, faceted gemstones in a few of my pieces to add a little sparkle and color.  With all the darkness I thought about adding a spot of light to draw you in.

(They still need to be darkened with liver of sulfur and the stones set)



This ring has a peridot. I love the two part top.
Here is a side view of it.
This ring has a London Blue Topaz.

After I finished these, I decided to make one more ring using the cut out from behind the stone in the cuff.  I haven’t decided yet if I should  set the stone upside down making it pointy (I’ve done this before and like the results) or to set the regular way.  Which one do you like better?

All of these pieces will be available at my upcoming craft show in Blue Bell, PA at Montgomery County Community College October 16th & 17th.  Stop by and try them on.

Set regular style.
Upside down and pointy? (that's an almandine garnet)

4 thoughts on “Some New Colors in New Pieces

  1. I’m kind of digging the upside down and pointy setting! But all of your new pieces are fabulous. Wish I could visit you to try them on!


  2. Using the pointed end makes the ring look very unique. I love your creativity and wish I lived closer so I could see your work in person!


  3. Thanks for the kind words. I did end up setting the stone pointy side up and I love the way it looks. Unfortunately, the stone in the cuff cracked down the center as it was being set, so that one didn’t work out. I might still wear it since you have to look really close to see it (and it is such a beautiful stone it would be a waste to just trash it!) But I can’t in good faith sell it at this point.


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