Lancaster Fall ArtWalk 2010

Gallery Row in Lancaster, PA

Saturday I took the afternoon to explore Lancaster’s Fall ArtWalk.  I decided to start with peripheral galleries, since I always spend  First Fridays in the downtown/Gallery Row area where it’s easy to walk everywhere.  I’m glad that I did!

First I stopped at Mio Studio and got to see their set-up where they work on exotic woods and combine them with metal elements to create beautiful, clean, contemporary pieces.  There was a fabulous large, but wearable neckpiece that had squiggly pieces of wood flowing out from a cable collar that I loved.  I also got to see the wood bin and feel and see how the different woods had different properties, weights, patterns, etc.  It was also nice talking to another jeweler!

Next I drove over to Keystone Art & Culture Center and got to meet George Mummert.  He showed me around the foundry and we talked metal for a while.  I found out that he offers welding classes where I don’t have to buy equipment before hand, so I’m naturally excited about that!  Then I looked around at the show of the resident artists.  George’s sculpture was awesome and I loved the cyanotypes by Kate Shelley.

Inside SFPN (notice Hugo greeting some visitors in the background)

Then I went over to Kevin Lehman Pottery where our chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen are putting on the Strictly Functional Pottery National exhibition.  There are some fabulous pieces there.  My favorites were the set of rice bowls and a vase with a glaze that looked like mold spores.  Of course there were so many great pieces that it was hard to vote for the people’s choice award.

Diane Edison & Jerry Pinkney on The Lancast

Finally, I made it downtown.  I visited PCAD, Isadore Gallery and the School District of Lancaster show at the convention center.  All three of these shows were good.  I especially liked the watercolors by Denny Bond at Isadore and Jerry Pinkney at PCAD as well as the giant portrait drawings by Diane Edison.  The student work was interesting as well, and I was impressed by the drawing studies done by students at Hand.

Unfortunately, at this point I had run out of day.  The ArtWalk ended at 5pm on Saturday, and most of Downtown is closed at this time.  I did manage to get a caramel coffee from Square One and I enjoyed it on my drive back home.  Some of these exhibits will be up for the next month, so there is still time to see the fabulous art.


You can hear an interview with the two artists who were at PCAD on the Lancast.

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