What Inspires My Work

Chinle Brooch ©2009 WTEK copper, crazy lace agate, steel pin stem - inspired by the metal

Some of you have wondered where I get the inspiration for my pieces.  It really comes from all over.  I’m inspired by other artists, nature, dreams, materials.  Each piece comes from somewhere different.

Many times my inspiration is my materials.  I’ll look at an interesting gemstone and design a piece of jewelry around it.  Other times the technique I’m using will help to determine how a piece will come out.  If I’m fold forming, a lot of the process is the unknown of how that particular piece of metal will react to the folding.

Freya's Folly ©2010 WTEK sterling silver, graveyard plume agate, ocean jasper - inspired by meditation

A few of my pieces have come from dreams or meditation.  My Dwarf Bowl and Freya’s Folly are examples of this.  It often takes me a long time to get the design just right so that it comes out similar to what I “saw” in my head.  I usually have to work out new ways of putting things together or different paths to reach the desired effect.  They’ve helped me grow as a maker.

And I look at other artists work and find inspiration there.  Usually metal artists, but sometimes I’ll see a line pattern or texture in some other art form and draw inspiration from that for my own pieces.  Lately I’ve been influenced by jewelry from Calder and Art Smith and their work has inspired my collars I’ve been working on lately.

Winter Collar ©2009 WTEK sterling silver

When nature inspires me, it’s usually less direct.  I’ll see a pattern of fallen gum balls on my deck and want to use it in a piece.  Or the quite cold of a snowstorm or the hot primalness of July will come out in a necklace.  Sometimes just sitting outside and watching the vultures glide through the air will relax me and get my creative juices flowing again.

Basically, inspiration is all around me.  Sometimes I don’t see it and sometimes it overwhelms me.  But it always seems to get me there in the end.  Where do you find inspiration?  Does my work inspire you?

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  1. W – Yes – artists such as yourself are one source of inspiration for me; but like yourself nature is a good inspiration; and of course for me the found objects offer creative opportunities. B


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