The Moons of Jupiter

The Galilean moons. From left to right, in ord...
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Io ©2010 WTEK sterling silver, available at Veleska Jewelers in Lancaster, PA

Over the weekend, I was reading Cosmic Mike‘s column (our local astronomer at the North Museum in Lancaster, PA) and he was talking about how Jupiter is the closest to the Earth right now that it’s been since 1963 which makes it as bright as Venus in the night sky.  It’s so close that you can see it’s moons (with aid) and I saw one of them using binoculars last night!  It was so cool.

Callisto ©2010 WTEK copper, nickel, rubber cord

Anyway…this reminded me of the necklaces that I made this year that you helped me name – Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede – named for Jupiter’s four largest moons.  It was fun to see what you came up with for names of the necklace, and I want to do that again sometime soon.  I’ll let you know when once I decide on a piece and a time frame.

If you would like to purchase one of Jupiter’s moons (in necklace form ;^), you can find Io at Veleska Jewelers in Lancaster, PA and the other three on my Etsy shop (or at the PA Guild Fall Fine Craft Fair October 16 & 17).

Ganymede ©2010 WTEK copper, brass
Europa ©2010 WTEK sterling silver

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