New Work – A Collar, an Eyeball, & 4 Rings

Here are some photos of the work I finished this past week:

Collar III, an eyeball, and four rings
Back of Collar III, now known as "Snake Eyes" due to these awesome little slits and the fact that the stones are Russian Serpentine
Four Rings, all sterling, and the triangle one has a pyrite cab.
Close-up of "Dark Side of the Moon" - the top is made from an old piece of reticulated silver that I found and repurposed
And my Eyeball bracelet that began life as a necklace but really, really wanted to be made into this cuff. Serpentine, Nickel, Brass

I feel like I got some stuff done last week!  Now if I could just come up with some new projects to work on this week.  It’s hard when I have nothing sitting on the bench, especially when I want to make particular items, not just what ever strikes my fancy that day.  Of course, I’m also waiting for a shipment of supplies to come in.  That should inspire me!

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