Summer Jobs

NPR has been running a series this summer asking people about their summer job experiences.  It made me think back to what I used to do over the summer once I was old enough to work, but still in school.

  • Casual Clerk at the Post Office – I worked in the P&DC in Lancaster and got to operate a variety of machines that sorted mail, as well as unload trucks, sort mail by hand, and weigh wiretainers that were about 500lbs.
  • Sandwich Maker at Isaac’s Deli – This local chain is pretty famous in Central PA and I worked at the Granite Run location.  I made sandwiches, salads, soups, washed dishes.  The best was our Christmas party where all the locations were invited.  Deli workers can par-tay!
  • Newspaper Stuffer – This was at the Shopping News (owned by extended family members) and one of the worst jobs I ever had.  It was just really repetitive and boring.
  • Odds & Ends at an Auto Detailer – The same summer as the newspaper job.  My friend and I did some landscaping, painting, and cleaning.  Also not very fun.
  • Computer Lab Person – This was when I did a summer session in Japan and basically no one ever asked me for help because I wasn’t Japanese.  They all spoke English, but I guess they felt more comfortable asking the other helpers.  I got to spend a lot of time online though (cir 1997 this was unusual).
  • Movie Theater Attendant – I sold tickets and concessions.  I also got to see a number of movies for free.  Unfortunately, I also wore a uniform with a bow-tie and vest and worked until 1am.
  • Salad Bar/Dessert Attendant – This was at the fabulously named Bird-in-Hand restaurant.  This is where I learned my love for making salads (I do not eat salads, I just like to make them) that continued at Isaac’s.  I also got to deal with a bunch of unhappy employees and get my brand new leather jacket stolen (and told by the cops that I should just come clean and tell my parents I left it on the bus.  Someone stole it, I didn’t lose it, but I’m not bitter or anything.)

So what kind of jobs have you had over the summer?  Did you enjoy them, did they make you a better person, or did they just enable you to buy stuff your parents wouldn’t get for you?