In Process: Another Collar!

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working on in the studio the past two days.  I started it yesterday and took these first photos before starting in on it today:

This is the original sketch I made.
The collar, bezel, and backing were all seperate at this point.

Now here are some photos after I finished working today.  All it needs now is a liver of sulfur patina and the stone set.

Detail with stone in place. Look at the concrete texture on the backing.
This is the back with the stone in place. (It's agatized heart of palm)
The view of the entire metal part (stone not in). It's entirely sterling silver.
Me wearing the collar (sans stone). And no, I can't smile while taking my own photo. Get over it.

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3 thoughts on “In Process: Another Collar!

    1. I think that we each have patience for different things. Some people love to hammer bowls, others hate it. Some people like to garden, others (me included) can’t stand it. We each just have to find that one mindnumbing activity that speaks to us. :^)


  1. That’s funny, I actually hate gardening too but ironically I have a great big yard that requires tons of it. I guess I just haven’t found my perfect mindnumbing activity yet. I’m a patient person though and no doubt I’ll find it someday. Your work looks like it would be a lot of fun to do. Classes in silver-working might be in my future if anyone offers them in my area. 🙂


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