Kooky Pets Review

Kooky Pets by Koldo Barroso

Remember Koldo Barroso, my November 2009 Artist of the Month and illustrator extraordinaire?  Over the past year he’s been blogging about a book he was working on called Kooky Pets.  He involved his online community and created a beautiful, whimsical, and magical book full of the creatures known as Kooky Pets.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first 50 people to get the special first edition which came with an inscription from Koldo and an original pencil drawing of one of the Kooky Pets.  I received Lady Winters and I love her description in the book.  I was also surprised and happy to see my name in the thank you section at the back of the book.  I love his illustrations and am happy to help him out in any way that I can.

The book itself is like a personal notebook chronicling the different Kooky Pets that the author has come across.  It reminds me a little of the Fairy and Gnome books we had when I was a kid.  It’s fantastical creatures are brimming with personality and each one is looking for friendship.  They say that each of us has our own Kooky Pet just waiting to find us.  (I personally think that my dog is pretty Kooky!)  While the first edition is sold out, there will be more coming this Fall (just in time for the holidays!) which you should be able to order through Amazon and other online retailers.

This book would make a great addition for anyone who loves the fantastical, odd, or just plain “kooky” things that life brings us if we just look for them.

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