Pack It Up, Pack It In

Ever wonder what my work looks like when I ship it?  I was getting ready to send one of my commissioned cuffs out today and snapped some photos to show you (along with a bag that you would get if purchasing at one of my craft shows).

I always make sure to send a note card thanking you for your purchase.  If you buy at one of my shows and you sign my mailing list, you’ll also get a card mailed to you after the show.  Here’s a close up of one:

And finally, the gift box all nice and snug so that nothing untoward happens to it in the shipping process.  I’ve worked at the Post Office in the past and I’ve seen what can happen.  I don’t take chances.

Now that you see the care that goes into shipping, you don’t have to be afraid to order from my Etsy shop!

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