My Collar is Finally Finished!

New Collar! sterling silver & breacated jasper

Remember that collar I was working on almost two months ago?  I finally finished it yesterday!  It seems like it took a strangely long amount of time, but actually, I took about a month off of studio time to work on my indoor booth display, for my second workshop, my summer newsletter, cleaning the house, etc.  I really only needed a few more work days to complete it.  I did work on some other smaller pieces during that time as well.

Truthfully, I got in a bit of a funk prior to the Wilmington show.  I think that (at least some of) it was due to not working on anything creative.  This past week working in the studio again has made me feel good.  I’ve made four cuffs (two of which were commission pieces from the DE show), started some new earrings (they were really popular all of a sudden), and finished this collar (and finally made the collar for the blood moss agate pendant that I forgot didn’t have one).  Yesterday I also began work on a new necklace that I’ve been designing and redesigning for about six

The 4 new cuffs

months now.  It’s my new studio excitement.  And I have some ideas for some more collars.

So I’m out of my funk and creating like a mad woman.  It really ebbs and flows sometimes.  I’m glad it’s finally flowing again and I think that all the time off from the studio actually gave me time to recharge the creative batteries.  Look forward to seeing some new work here and at my Etsy shop.  And you can always sign up for my mailing list to receive my Metalwork of the Month emails that showcase new pieces.

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