What a Great Weekend!

Oooo, dark and lovely! My new booth layout.

The Chase Center show over the weekend was great!  Everyone loved my new booth and I sold a bunch of pieces.  I even sold Water, Elements #4!  It just goes to show that it really is all about finding the right venue for your work.  I even had customers come and find me who had seen me at other shows (and bought work both times).  It was such a great experience and I hope all my shows go this well.

Water, Elements #4 - gone to a good home

This weekend I also had a cuff featured on Etsy and SNAG added my work to their website for the month.  My Chinle brooch was in the Entertainment section of the Intelligencer Journal’s “The Tips” write up of the Chase Center show.  Such a great weekend!

Next on the agenda is the Adjacencies exhibition that will be at the Sharadin Art Gallery at Kutztown University in September.  After that I have the PA Guild Fall show at Montgomery College in October and their Holiday show in Lancaster in November.

The new set-up really filled up my dad's van!

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  1. W Well done on so many fronts. It must just be a great affirmation to have got your work out there in the new display; and also had it featured in a number of places. Continue to bring different stuff into our world; and also hope ypou sell loads. B


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