August Artist of the Month – Winegar Pottery

Sampling of Winegar Pottery ©2010

I first found Winegar Pottery when I was perusing the PA Guild’s Holiday show last year.  I was looking for gifts, but ended up buying a rice bowl for myself.  I love the glazes and the brilliant blues you can find on his work.  There are also interesting details – acorns, jaspers, leaves – hidden or in plain site.

detail of Winegar work

All of his pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be mixed and matched to create a whole dining set complete with serving dishes and glasses.  There’s even a “Whiskey Rebellion” set that comes complete with a corked jug and four tumblers.

You can find his work online at Winegar Pottery‘s website (as well as some videos showing how the pieces are thrown).  A list of his upcoming shows is there also.  You can connect with him on Facebook as well.

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