Charactertistics of a Surface

Texture has become an important part of my work.  I know I’ve talked about it before, but it’s really a driving force behind most of my pieces.  I’ve worked hard to bring more depth and physicality to my metal, to make it more tactiley appealing.

My quest for more texture really began in college.  Back then I mostly used sandblasting or relied on hammermarks.  I took an etching workshop, but that technique just didn’t speak to me

Snakeskin Silver Cuff ©2009 WTEK

(at least up to this point it hasn’t)  Eventually I moved into chasing, which I love, but it is a very time consuming technique (and it uses tar pitch that you have to burn off your metal).

I bought a drywall axe which has been used in a number of pieces.  I like that the front of the metal gets a series of little square makes while the back either gets raised dots (if I use it on a wooden base) or rough square marks (if I use concrete as a base).

Speaking of concrete… I began to use a sledge hammer to hammer in different textures to my metal sheet.  I used concrete and asphalt.  I’ve used shingle (but the granules get everywhere!).  My favorite at the moment is a radiator shield.  One side of the metal gets a series of large and small circles on it and the other side gets the reverse pattern with a concrete roughness.  This is used in my “snakeskin” patterned cuffs and I just love how it comes out.

Medallion #3 ©2009 copper, nickel

Of course, the way I get the deepest textures in my work is through fold forming.  I get lines.  I get deep crevices.  I get soft and hard folds.  When I add all these textures with some hammer marks and using sheet metal that I pre-textured there are fabulous layers upon layers of textures.

What are some of your favorite textures?  Which of my pieces do you think utilizes texture the best?

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One thought on “Charactertistics of a Surface

  1. W – Thanks for sharing re texture. Like you I think the texturing gives the pieces character. Love the two way movement in the medallion. Cheers! B


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