What Do You Want?

I’m just going to put it out there. I’ve noticed a drop recently in my blog views and I’m here to find out why.  What have I changed that you don’t like?  What have I stopped that you did like?  What’s missing here on Hammermarks?

Do you want more art business info?

Do you want more info on other artists?

Do you want more posts about my work?

Do you want more posts about my inspiration?

Are you more interested in “How To” posts?

I want you to be happy, so tell me what you like most here, what’s missing, and what you like least.  I promise I’ll listen.

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Want?

  1. Hey Wendy! I’m sorry to hear about your blog views. I subscribe via a reader for most of the blogs I want to keep up with (like yours!), so I only visit the blogs themselves when I’m leaving a comment. Could that be a reason? People are subscribing via a feed?


  2. Hi Wendy, yes I also subscribe via a reader for most of you blogs. But I have to say that Monday thru Friday I visit almost daily (not weekends beause no internet at home :0( . I enjoy more the “how to” probably but thats because I am new to the field and I love to see how people do things differently and learn. But whatever you write, I read and enjoy it all. So thank you for putting out a terrific blog. Infact when I don’t hear from you at times I think I go through withdrawls…lol


  3. Actually, on a very practical level, I don’t like your new use of an all-capital font. Not sure if I’m actually visiting less often, but I’m sure I spend less time – more likely to skim quickly than try to read.


  4. Brandi & Norma, thanks for the kind words, but I think that it takes into account (at least some) feedreaders. And my subscriptions haven’t gone up noticeably either.

    Pamela, I chose this font because it is how I write IRL – all caps. I’m sorry that you don’t like the format, but thank you for the feedback.


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