Indoor Booth Set-up

Well, it’s almost time for my first indoor show, and I’ve been working hard on a new indoor set-up for my booth.  I know I’ve only mentioned this about 200 times and it’s totally not finished yet, but the parts are slowly coming together.  Here are some preview photos:

The original look of the booth set-up I bought. I'm using the display cases and the stands, but it will end up looking completely different,
The soft black vinyl I'm covering the stands with.
Blocks for varying the height of stands and for displaying cuffs. The bare wood portions will be painted black to match the vinyl.
Necklace stands waiting for their easel backs.
Black acrylic ring stand (with my wedding ring on it, not one I made)
The dark grey color of my propanel walls.

Can you guess what my color scheme is?

PS – I’m the guest poster for Crafting an MBA’s Business Buzz column over the Summer.  Let me know what you think of this week’s picks.

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