Great (and Friendly!) Suppliers

Sheet Metal from IJS

Lately I’ve been buying a lot of supplies, what with working on my booth , my workshops, and just general materials needs.  There are a few companies that I want to recognize for their great customer service.  They might not be the biggest, but they sure are nice people!

  • Flourish Canopy – I’ve called them a couple of times recently and the guy there just cracks me up!  He also made sure that I knew that the lights I ordered can be a little tricky to set-up the first time, so make sure and follow the special instructions that Flourish includes.  He’s very nice and their canopies are wonderful and sturdy.
  • Indian Jewelers Supply – Totally not a huge company (though it seems like they are growing) and everyone I’ve spoken to on the phone there is super nice and friendly.
  • Tao Gems – George is fantastic and his stones are consistently good quality.  He’s always looking out for his customers and even though I don’t buy in bulk, he treats me like a treasured client.

PS – I totally receive nothing from these guys for writing this.  They just rock!

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One thought on “Great (and Friendly!) Suppliers

  1. I love Indian Jewelers Supply. In addition to great service, great prices too. I haven’t bought anything from George yet, but found him thanks to you a while back. And I’m grateful for the info you’ve supplied on Flourish. Thanks Wendy!


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