Time Management and the World Cup

Jabulani Soccer Ball courtesy of teemus on Flickr

The second round of the World Cup ended yesterday.  So far it’s been exciting, unexpected, heartbreaking, and just plain fun to watch.  But it’s also time-consuming.  For two weeks, there were three matches on each day.  Each match is 90 minutes of playing time.  I just couldn’t watch them all, but did manage to watch most of them.

What all this soccer watching means is that my time management for the rest of the day needs to be spot on.  During half time, I would check my email and maybe chime in on Twitter.  During the two-hour break between the 2nd and 3rd matches, I would make lunch, update my blog and run errands.

Luckily, the matches were over by about 4:45pm each day.  I would eat supper and then go into the studio to work on my booth display or the collar I’ve been focusing on.  After walking the dog, I go back online to finish up my computer work.  After spending all day watching TV and on the computer, I would try t unwind by reading a little.

It’s been a busy, but productive time.  From now until July 11th (the final) there are only seven matches, so it’s a lot less hectic.  I just hope I can keep my time management skills and not slip back into “I have time to do it later.”  Having these specific times to work has really helped me focus on what is most important to do each day.