Miss (or is it dis?) Organized

I’m organized in my own way, and my studio is more organized than other areas in our house. I wanted to show some of my ways of organizing, but please ignore the overall disarray as I’m in the middle of getting my booth ready for the end of July.

My Flexshaft Tools. Obviously, I don't use my flexshaft all that much ;^)
A nice little holder for al my pliers and cutters.
Hammers & Files on the side of my bench.
The other side of my bench.
Where my stakes are supposed to be. It's the side of one of my workbenches.
Welcome to Toxic Town.
I love that these shop stands have two little shelves. I have my sandpaper/scotchbrite and screws/nails stored here.
This used to be an empty area of the shop where I could use the floor for big projects. This is all my new booth stuff.

So this is my basically organized, but pretty sloppy (right now) shop set-up.

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5 thoughts on “Miss (or is it dis?) Organized

  1. awesome! I am always thrilled to see studios where you can tell somebody actually works there! { of course we all “oooh” and “ahhhh” over those magazine shots of “craft rooms/studios” but seriously, if my studio looked like that, I’d never want to dirty it up! And so no work would get done!}

    Best of sales at your upcoming show!
    {our basement has just recovered from “show prep”, thank goodness! I can walk through again}


  2. Hey Wendy,
    I have serious pliers envy! What is it that you have them sitting on? Thanks for sharing and I say organised.


    1. It’s a pliers holder that I got from Rio Grande. When I first outfitted my studio I ordered their Apprentice Tool kit (which I don’t see on their website) and it was included. Here’s a link to a similar pliers holder: http://tinyurl.com/2dqr8r5 You could probably make something also, just make an upside down V shape to rest them on.


  3. Oh, I envy this level of organization! Right now it’s all I can do to shove things into drawers rather than crowding my work surfaces. One of my major goals for the summer is to get some pegboard and give more of my tools some designated “homes”.


    1. I was lucky that the former owners of the house had masonite pegboard covering an entire wall. I’ve used it on the sides of three workbenches and there’s still some left over!


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