Long days, Short Nights, and Yummy Herbs

It’s the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere today, so I decided to share some Summertime photos with you.  From here on out the days get shorter and we move steadily toward harvests and darkness.  Right now that doesn’t sound like such a bad thing! (88° all week here in Central PA)  Of course, I’m looking forward to all the corn on the cob we get in July around here.

Have fun and get out and enjoy your day today!

Yes, these are mums! Mine begin blooming in June and then last through the Fall. The secret is to deadhead them.

Mmmmm, oregano, thyme, and savory, and the "dead" plant is carroway, just waiting for the seeds to ripen.
Shallots and Garlic, YUM!

How are you celebrating the Solstice?

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  1. W – Fortunate to have a full day of foldforming with Charles L-B. It has been an energising and creative day. It is great that you are able to enjoy the sunshine and new produce. B


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