Easy vs. Hard

Band & Bar Ring ©2010 sterling silver

I came across a post today on ReadyMade that asked whether you like to work on a lot of simple, little projects, or one big, epic hard one. It got me thinking about how I like to work.

My last post showed the progress on the piece I’m working on now, one I’d consider a bigger project, though not to the level of my Elements series or bowls.  I like to work on pieces that challenge me, that make me figure out how I have to do things.  It may not look like an overly complicated piece, but this collar required me to figure out the steps I needed to take in advance, how I would go about getting the results I wanted.

Oridon ©2010 nickel, copper, brass 5" x 5" x 1.5"

Other times I just want to get stuff done.  It’s amazingly gratifying to have finished work when I leave the studio for the day.  You can see your accomplishments immediately.  This is why I love fold forming, you can get results fast.  Having multiple rings or cuffs finished makes me feel like I’m “getting stuff done.”

So how do you like to work?  Do you like a lot of little projects you can get done quickly, or do you like the challenge of working on one giant, difficult project?

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2 thoughts on “Easy vs. Hard

  1. Both kinds of projects have their merits, but I feel the same way you do. Sometimes I need to make a bunch of smaller pieces just so I can feel like I’ve gotten “a lot” done! I love working on bigger things, too, but sometimes having a week {or more} go by without completing it is depressing. Or sometimes I get discouraged halfway, and wander off to do lots of smaller things, then go finish the big one…..


  2. Your metal work is lovely! I especially like your necklace (the first image on this page) and the formed ring that looks all hammered out. Very nice!


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