Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

A Beautiful California Condor from the breeding program at the San Diego Zoo Last Year.

My husband had off this past Monday and Tuesday, which is unusually because he usually only has one day off a week, let alone two in a row.  So it felt a little like a vacation.  I did nothing for two days and even laid out a little yesterday and got some color goin’ on.

What’s sad is that we both used to be travel agents, but haven’t been able to travel (without my family) since we moved up here and bought a house.  It’s becoming really frustrating.  Travel was a way for us to relax, step outside our norms, and explore the world.  Now we spend our money on our house and I’m working on building my business, so there isn’t a lot of money (or time for that matter) left over for travel.  Plus we have a dog now and that kind of hampers it as well.

My hubby and I in France and we actually got to ride the horses up into Mont St Michel!

I don’t want to be a big drag here, it’s just something that’s been bothering me more and more lately.  My dad sent me pics of the Danube because he’s reading a book about the author’s travels along it, and I couldn’t even look at them without wishing I was there and getting a little sad.

What’s the remedy for this?  I guess putting money away and finding cheap times to go.  Of course it would be even easier if I sold more jewelry 😉 .  What are some ways that you make the time to relax and travel?  What are some great places you’ve gone that didn’t cost an arm and leg but were still incredible?  I’m sure we’d all love to know and live vicariously through your adventures, so leave a comment and fill us in!

2 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

  1. There are times when just being out in our back yard, looking at Pikes Peak is relaxing for me. The bassets are wandering around, wondering what I am doing and encouraging me to play with them….which I do.

    For my husband & I, the great thing about living so close to the mountains is we can hike in local parks, visit a state park like Mueller (about 45 minutes away from us) that has another great trail system and beautiful aspens, or even head up to Rocky Mountain National Park just outside of Estes for a day trip. There is some nice open space trails where we can ride our bikes too. So there are a number benefits for us of living in Colorado because there is access to quite a few things that are either free or don’t cost a great deal. Mini-vacation!


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