Music to Motivate and Inspire You

About a week ago I asked a few questions via Twitter regarding music. Here are some of the answers and other cool stuff I found out about.

What’s your theme song? I personally don’t have one, but have songs or cds that I listen to over and over based on mood, what I’m doing, etc. Lately that’s meant Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures.

“I will Survive”, “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks, “The Gambler”, “No Rain” by Blind Melon and “Joyful Girl” by Ani Difranco were all proposed as well as @oshum ‘s reply of “Soft breeze through trees and locust humming. Soft then louder then soft again. Sometimes a raging thunderstorm”

Have you ever created a work of art based on a song?

@artbynemo let me know about the artist Laurie Maves who frequently paints art based on particular songs.  Here is a video of her painting a work inspired by the Big Blue Ball’s version of “The Whole Thing.”

@wrapadoodle heard a song by a woman named Tara Ellis and made a painting for it.

I then asked about what sort of music really motivates you and I got this involved answer from @fantasymarks : Pop Hits ~ cleaning, Classical & Chinese ~ art, Mexican & Jazz ~ dinner, Bellydance ~ exercise, All types ~ writing and singing.

This week Scoutie Girl blog had a post about this very thing asking people to link to their own posts talking about what music motivates them.

How does music affect you?  What’s your theme song?  Leave a comment and let us know, or leave a link to your own musically inspired post or artwork.

One thought on “Music to Motivate and Inspire You

  1. Oh jeez, where to start, and what to say… These questions are pretty loaded for me, andhave really got me going! This might be a bit long-winded…

    Music’s a deep first love of mine, and I listen passionately and as frequently as possible. Creating moods, atmospheres, poetry, feelings, and energy with something as universal as sound is beyond words of amazing for me. Music tends to put the world in perspective for me. I can relate to it. I feel connected to the creator(s) by enjoying and appreciating it. It’s a delightful sensation.

    Loving so much music, on different levels and to varying degress depending on mood and state of mind, it’s very hard to have a single favorite. However, I think I’ve come to realize that my absolute favorite band is The Cure. I came to this revelation when shuffling through their music on my iPod, I realized there’s literally not a song by them that I dislike. There are some I don;t listen to as much, because I have to be in the mood, but none that I dislike. So much talent and diversity, and real emotion; from the existential melancholy of albums like Faith, to the bleak insanity of Pornography, the lush sorrow of Disintegration, and the euphoric jangly joy of pop songs like Just Like Heaven. Decptively simple melodies, all layering and building over each other, Robert Smith’s poetic and sometimes obtuse lyrics, and his unique voice. I can’t get enough.

    I adore alternative music from the post-punk scene and it’s offshoots (particularly goth rock). Stuff like Joy Division, The Bauhaus, The Chameleons, Death In June, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance. Synthpop and new wave like Depeche Mode, New Order, Gary Numan, Tears For Fears. Darkwave (which is like a combo of goth rock and synthpop).

    I have a fetish for electronic music. There’s just something about the idea of a machine synthesizing electronic signals that register as sound through speakers that’s really cool to me. I’m still exploring all that’s out there, but I love synthpop (as I said), general techno and dance music, EBM, industrial, IDM, electroclash, all that is experimental and unclassifiable. To some people, electronic music is too artificial and souless. To me, that’s the appeal. I like the idea of humans breathing a soul into a machine. I also really like industrial music, where it’s used purpousfully to sound like a cold machine. It can be Bicentenial Man, or it can be Blade Runner. I just really like the aesthetic.

    Other misc. artists I dig:
    Bjork, Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer, MIA, Lady Gaga (I was reluctant at first, but she’s really decent synthpop!), Nine Inch Nails, AFI, Saul Williams, Smashing Pumpkins, Oingo Boingo, and I’ll stop now.

    There are a lot of songs by group called VNV Nation that I could consider my anthems. They’re music’s electronic, techno-influenced dance pop, but to describe it just as such is so wrong. It’s beautiful and moving. The tunes aren’t just for dancing, they have so much feeling. The lyrics are gorgeous, introspective, existential, and have significantly helped me through some tough times before. Songs like Legion, Standing, Further, Homeward, Arena, Carry You, The Farthest Star.
    Then there’s The Cruxshadows, another synthpop group. Their music’s a bit more standard, and the lyrics not as eloquent, but still inspiring to me. Songs like Birthday, Quicksilver, The Eighth Square.

    Despite how intensely music inspires, influences, and affects me, I’m not sure the degree to which it influences my artwork. I think you could take a few select pieces of mine, and find similar aesthetics or moods to a few songs somewhere on my iPod, but in general I don’t think my art reflects what music I listen too. The most that music does for me as an artist is provides a nice rhythm while I work.

    Making music of my own is something I’ve always wished I had the capacity for. I’ve recently began trying. At the very least, it’s a lot of fun. Having had no musical training or instruction, it’s all experimental. I approach it kind of like collage work, but with sounds instead of images. It’s more like noise art than actual music. I’m hoping to progress, but if I find I don’t have the talent for it, oh well. It was fun trying. I’ll always love music.

    My stuff is up for listening and free downloading here:


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