A Tour of My Materials

In the past I’ve shown you my studio and my tools. Today, I’m showing you the materials that I make my pieces out of.  Beware, I didn’t straighten up before snapping these pics!

Sheet Metal Drawer

This is a drawer (not enclosed) in one of my awesome workbenches that I made.  All of my base metal sheet is kept here (unless it predates my move into this studio).  My silver sheet is in a secret place that only I know and if I told you, I would have to kill you.  Plus, there isn’t much in it right now.

Where My Wire is Stored

You’ve seen this in my workbench post.  I created it especially for storing my wire spools.

What's Inside My Bag o' Gems

I’m waiting for some new stones to ship out and I need to purchase more, but here is what I have right now.  Some are pretty old and just waiting for the right project.

Scrap Containers
Shelf o' Junk and Found Objects
Materials Bin (predating my studio)

These last three photos show where I keep my scrap and my odds and ends.  The bin is what I held ALL my materials in before I had my own studio.  It kind of sat in the middle of our apartment annoying my hubby.

So there you have it, all my raw materials.  It’s not pretty, and may not seem ultra neat, but I know where everything is and it’s easy to see when I need to reorder (which is NOW for silver, too bad it went up again this week.)

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6 thoughts on “A Tour of My Materials

  1. W – From my perspective your material storage and work area are exceedingly clean and neat. Great how you have created work space and spools etc that work for you. B


    1. Hahaha. I tried that last year, but I think the timing was off. Not sure about this year, but was thinking in the Fall or around the holidays.


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