7 Artists You Might Not Know Are PA Natives

Brooch Detail - Angel ©2005 Thomas Mann

Everyone knows about the famous Wyeth family of artists from the Brandywine valley. But did you know that PA is affiliated with all kinds of famous artists?

  • Mary Cassat and Andy Warhol were born in the Pittsburgh area.
  • Charles Demuth is a famous Lancaster native.
  • Keith Haring was born in Reading, PA. (Here’s a Haring coloring book for kids)
  • While famous as a New Orleans jeweler, Thomas Mann is originally from the Lehigh Valley area of PA. (His Storm Cycle exhibit was at the State Museum in Harrisburg a couple of years ago)
  • Thomas Eakins is the most famous Philly artist that I can think of. (I saw a great show in Philly featuring his work)
  • I recently found out that Jeff Koons is a York native.

Do you know of any other famous PA artists that should be included here?  Leave a comment (and potentially a link) letting us all know.

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