12 Reasons to Love Art Classes

Ever want to take an art class but found every excuse why you shouldn’t?  Well here are 12 reasons why you should, even if you aren’t an artist.

  1. Learn Something New – Whether it’s a new technique, a new medium, or if art in general is something you’ve never done before, learning new things strengthens us.
  2. Meet New People – When you take any class, you have an opportunity to meet new people, form new friendships, make new connections.
  3. Find a New Place to Hang Out with Old Friends – Taking a class together helps you learn new things about old friends and gives you something new to talk about when you go out together.
  4. Challenge Yourself – Learning something new is a great way to challenge yourself on many different levels.
  5. Focus on and Delve Deeper into a Known Technique – Ever want to spend extra time working on your brush skills?  Need some good one on one time with a potters wheel?  Just want to focus on one thing without needing a particular outcome?  Classes are a great way to do this and not feel like you’re wasting valuable time.
  6. Open Up Your Creativity – Learning new techniques or mediums help us to open our creativity in new ways.
  7. Learn to Solve Problems Differently – Learning something different shows us different ways to do things.
  8. A Chance to Meet and Work with a Particular Artist – Whether you are an artist or you collect art, taking a class from an artist you admire gives you a different perspective on their work and you learn more about their process.
  9. Learn About the Creative Process First Hand – If you aren’t a practicing artist yourself, but you love art, taking a class helps you learn more about what goes into a piece of art.
  10. A Chance to Let Go of the Cerebral – Art gives us a chance to focus on our intuitive selves, to take a break from analytical thinking.
  11. Learn New Ways of Looking at the World – Every time you learn something new it gives you a new filter through which to process the world around you.
  12. HAVE FUN!!!

Wondering where you can find classes to take?  Check with local arts organizations, museums, and even colleges and universities have continuing education classes that fit the bill.  In Pennsylvania, the Guild offers great workshops, the Lancaster Museum of Art, Wayne Art CenterPittsburgh Center for the Arts, Lancaster County Art Association, as well as schools such as the Baum School of Art in Allentown.

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3 thoughts on “12 Reasons to Love Art Classes

  1. Totally agree Wendy! I love taking classes. The reasons you cited are excellent. I’m enrolled in one the end of this month with Harold O’Connor….I couldn’t be more excited about a learning opportunity!!!


  2. Wendy,
    For your readers who are interested, there are still spaces open at Metals Week at the Idyllwild Summer Arts Program in Idyllwild California.
    Metals Week is from June 27 through July 1, 2010
    Use this URL: http://www.idyllwildarts.org/summer/programs/adult_arts_center/metalsweek/metals_week.html

    I am writing about it on my blog and will give a link back to this posting because you covered all the points as to the benefits of attending. Thanks for doing this work for me!


  3. Wendy I admire the way you share info and thgoughts about the art journey. As you know I have only touched on foldforming in recent times through Lewton-Brain’s book and your blog. This has resulted in me arranging to travel to Calgary to do a four day course with the man. I guess this ticks the boxes on points 8 and 9 above. Thanks. Go well. B


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