Relax, Don’t Do it!

Wondering where I’ve been?  Unfortunately, I’ve been laying on the couch sick with a bad cold I caught from my husband.  Why was I sick?  Because I forgot about scheduling down time.  With trying to make up for having been laid off and spending so much time working on pushing my art biz forward, with planning workshops, new booths, and sundry other business things, I forgot that I need to relax.  I felt the rundown happening the past couple of weeks, but I couldn’t stop it.  I kept pushing forward.

I’d been so busy I hadn’t even been reading much.  I usually read at least one book a week, but the last book I was reading I kept renewing until I had to take it back to the library.  I felt like what I was getting done wasn’t quite up to par and that I was spreading myself too thin.  I was feeling terminally behind on housework and I didn’t feel like I was getting enough studio time.  In short, with more time on my hands I was actually doing too much “busy work” to try and feel like I was “crushing it” and “getting stuff done.”

Now I know that I have to take more down time for myself.  Of course, I knew that before.  It’s just hard sometimes when it feels like there’s so much that needs to get done.  But it’s worse when you get sick and can’t get anything done.  I even ended up having to let down the Guild who I was supposed to help out by working in the store.  I feel like such a sh*thead, but I just couldn’t do it.  I’ve already taken a break in the middle of writing this and I’m still tired!

But enough whining!  I’m going to take it easy today and tomorrow because I have a class with Alyson Stanfield to attend this week!  I’m also going to a baseball game (O’s vs Seattle) so I need to rest up for that.  Then I’m working for the Guild on Sat.  What was I just talking about, taking it easy?!  Seriously, I know that I need to schedule more relax time, so I’m going to do it.  The hard part is learning to not feel guilty about it.  Now I need to go do laundry ;^)

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One thought on “Relax, Don’t Do it!

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I understand how it can be to keep going and never taking time for yourself. But I will say that I do love that you are so active on your blog. I enjoy on a daily basis to what you have created or written. Well that said, I hope you feel better soon.



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