May Artist of the Month – Lynette Shelley

Icon IV: The Fruit Bat ©2009 Mixed Media and foil collage on Paper 11" x 14" Original is for sale. $300 matted/framed plus shipping. Please email or call 215.438.0945 with sales inquiries

I first came across Philadelphia artist Lynette Shelley while surfing the web and clicking on various links through Twitter and Facebook. I chose her for this month’s artist because, once again, it’s All About PA in May this year, and because I love the animals in her mixed media pieces. She also uses a lot of mythological and fantasy themes, so you know it appeals to me in that sense.  Here is an excerpt from her bio:

Deeply influenced by Celtic, Eastern, Asian and aboriginal / native works; art nouveau, abstract expressionism, and medieval artworks; fantasy and science fiction; as well as zoomorphism, therianthropy, cryptozoology and mythological stories and legends, Lynnette fuses these styles into her strikingly unique illustrations.

…Her animal art and creature illustrations are both primitive and sophisticated, and have been likened to images from an undiscovered ancient civilization or culture.

Sound like anyone you know?  Hehe, anyway, her art is very interesting and colorful and I love the designs she combines with the animals.  Make sure to visit Lynette Shelley’s website, her blog, Pen & Think, and check out her exhibitions page for info on where to find her work.
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