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Floating Pendant ©2010 brass, nickel, rubber

As you’ve probably noticed, I have changed the design of my blog.  I wanted something a little less cluttered and I love the footer widget this theme has.  Let me know what you think.

I also found out yesterday that I am one of the artists who will be featured in the Adjacencies exhibition at the Sharadin Art Gallery at Kutztown University.  The exhibition runs from September 9th – October 10th.  (That’s 9/9 – 10/10 hehe)

Floating pendant side view

And yesterday I made a new necklace.  I’ve wanted to do a layered pendant with floating rivets like I used in my first Super Bowl, Tortuga.  I thought about it when I was making my medallion series, but it was difficult without using the awesome tube cutting jig I now have to get the tubing to be the same length.  I used left over pieces from some other projects as the main elements in this piece.  The nickel piece is from Oridon, my second Super Bowl, and the brass disk is from a medallion that I had worked on, but that I didn’t like the chain and so never featured it.  I loved the colors the brass turned with the torch patina, and this piece has been sitting on my bench taunting me for a while.  I love the way it turned out and I like the way the rubber cord slides through the cutout corners on the nickel.  And it looks heavy, but feels really light!

Finally, I have a guest post coming up tomorrow (Wednesday 4/28) on the Fly HIA Blog. It’s part of the Lady Travel Talk series.  Make sure to check it out.  Let me know what you think about this pendant and the new layout of Hammermarks.  I love to get feedback from you guys.

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6 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Hi Wendy! I do like the new look of your blog. And it is nice to have all the widgets organized in the footer section. Thumbs up!

    I really like the way the patinas turned out on the metals in this one. Awesome!


  2. Hi Wendy, I stop by almost on a daily basis during the week and when I first seen your new page I thought I was lost for a minute…LOL I think it looks awesome. Your new piece is interesting. I am still trying to figure out what you used to make your rivots and how you managed the spacing between the metals. I love heat patinas, it is one of my favorites and I am excited to start using them on brass and nickel.


    1. I used 12g brass for the rivets and I used pieces of brass tube for spacers between the nickel and brass parts.
      I find with the heat patina, I like to planish over it to sort of adhere it to the metal. You can still sand it off, but it makes a nice deep and shiny coating.


      1. I never thought about planishing it after the heat patina. What a great idea… I will have to try that some time. Something new for class in the fall.


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