You Could Name This Pendant

Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of my pieces have ended up “untitled.”  I’ve started a new series and it deserves a name, but I’m blocked to think of one that I like enough.  You have fresh eyes to look at the piece and help me come up with a great idea.  I showed this piece in progress a couple of weeks ago, but this weekend I started on some smaller pendants based off the same idea.  Here is the photo of the finished piece:

Insert Your Name Here ©2010 WTEK

This piece is made of textured copper and hangs on a brass collar.  I’m going for something space-y here.  They remind me of moons, planets, or asteroids.  Something along those lines would be perfect!

You come here because you like my work and/or writing, so I have faith that you can come up with something excellent.  This is your chance to be a part of my process!  Go ahead and be serious or have fun with it.  Leave your suggestions in the comments.  Thank you for helping me out.

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12 thoughts on “You Could Name This Pendant

  1. Funny…I can’t get over how much like a shield it looks.

    If you’re thinking of space-like names, though…maybe Moonbeam.


  2. This piece looks like a shield from antiquity. So how about calling it part if a “Guardian” series? That would leave much room for expansion and re-interpretation – kind of like David Ellsworth’s “Homage series” of hollow forms.


  3. See, this is why I need fresh eyes! Everyone sees something completely different than I do.
    The new pendants I’ve made that aren’t quite done yet are in silver, so that might change the interpretation of the series. But I like these ideas even though it wasn’t my first thought. Keep them coming!


  4. Lovely texture! I was thinking of doing a series named after the moons of gas giants, but never got around to it, so you can have that idea! :p This one I’d call “a slice of Ganymede”


  5. Okay, my first reaction was to call it something like “Into the Black” (like the blackness of space), but I don’t know if that would work for the other pieces.

    I do like the “Guardian” suggestion, too.


  6. I’m thinking “Landing Path”.

    The copper texture make me think other world, with the smoother glide of copper being an outside force. the rivets begin to look like points on a chart, and the loop of the necklace itself seems like a flight path to me.

    Maybe one could call the whole seires “New Worlds”.

    that’s my take, anyway.


  7. Wow, so many good and different suggestions here, on Facebook, and Twitter! I’ll post an update once I decide. Thanks everyone for helping out, I might have to do this again for some of my other “untitled” pieces.


  8. And the winner is… Ganymede! It was a close call between this and Callisto, but I’ve decided to name the four pendants I have after the four biggest of Jupiter’s moons. So Callisto is technically a winner too!
    I do really like Guardian, so I’m reserving that one for another series, yet to be made.
    Thank you everyone for participating, and if there are any more suggestions, I’ll gladly consider them for further pieces.


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