Ring a ding ding ding de dong!

I’m super worn out after talking to the kids at Lititz Elementary School during their Fine Arts Day today.  So I’ll leave you with some photos of my rings.

Curled and Hammered Silver Ring ©2010 WTEK
Canopy Silver Ring ©2010 WTEK
Band and Bar Silver Ring ©2010 WTEK
Fold Formed Copper Ring

Ring of Thorns - sterling silver ©2010 WTEK

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One thought on “Ring a ding ding ding de dong!

  1. It is funny that the energy and inquisitiveness of the children can be both energising; but also just sap it as well. Great that you were able to share all the same. The creatibvity of rings are good reminder of why they wanted you to share with the children


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