What It Takes To Do A Craft Show

Saturday Just After the Doors Opened
Scene from last year's Art on the Farm show

I wanted you guys to know what all goes into preparing for a craft show.  This isn’t a list of supplies, or a “how to get into craft shows” post, but I just want you to know the work it takes to get myself out in public for you all.

  • Make work and take really good photos of it.
  • Submit applications along with jury fees, sometimes advance booth fees, and images of my work so that it can be judged against other applicants’ and the standards of the show.
  • Wait.  Sometimes it takes as long as 2-3 months to hear back from the show promoters.
  • Yay, they chose me! (It could also be the opposite, but we’re thinking positive here!)
  • Research lodging options and book a hotel. (Unless I’m lucky enough to be in a nearby show)
  • Make work to sell at the show.
  • Post about show on website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites out there I belong to.
  • Mention upcoming shows in my newsletter.
  • Email mailing list.
  • Send postcards.
  • Send reminder email.
  • Pack tent, displays, supplies, and, of course, my work.
  • Go to show and set-up.
  • Sell some work and talk to potential customers and interested show-goers.
  • Pack it all up and go home.
  • Balance my books.
  • Begin preparation for the next show!

Think it took a lot to read this list?  Now try doing it all!  Of course, it is all worth it to get out of my studio and meet you guys in person.  So come out and visit me if you’re in the neighborhood.  My next craft show is the PA Guild Spring Craft Market in Lancaster, PA during the Spring Art Walk weekend, April 17th & 18th.
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