My 2nd Blogoversary!

Green Cupcake image from srqpix's Flickr Stream

OK, my blogoversary was actually yesterday, but I decided to coincide it with St Patrick’s Day just because I felt like it!

I’ve really enjoyed blogging these past two years and it feels more and more like an integral part of my life and work to be able to share my thoughts and pieces with you.  I hope that you enjoy it as well and find some fun, interesting, and helpful things here.

To celebrate my 2nd blogoversary, I want you guys to participate.  First, I would like to ask you, my readers, to start writing for me!  That’s right,  I’m looking for some guest posts from you guys.  I would like you to try to fit into the whole artistic journey/community/art collecting/jewelry techniques thing that I have going on here already.  But I want to here from you, so if you have some ideas and are willing to write a post (sans remuneration), then shoot me an email and we’ll discuss it.

The second way you can join the celebration is to tell me what your favorite post is here on Hammermarks, or what you like best about the blog.  This can be anything, the photos of my work, silly hammer links, technical posts, inspirational posts, anything!

And the third way you can join the blogoversary celebration: recommend an artist for my Artist of the Month feature.  The artist needs to have a web presence, preferable with a blog/website/online shop, and also be not a hobbyist, but serious about an art career.

So please, join me to keep Hammermarks an interesting and relevant blog for you, my readers.  Because without your support, there is no reason for this blog to exist.  Thank you all for your readership, comments, and willingness to spread the love!