Motivation or Lack Thereof

I’ve decided to post about motivation today since I don’t seem to have any!  I’m hoping to pump myself up along with you guys.

Motivation – What Holds Us Back?

  • Fear – This could be the fear of doing badly, the fear of doing well (yes, really!), or the fear of humiliation.  Do you let your fear un-motivate you?
  • Overwhelm – Too often we end up with so much on our To Do lists, that we end up not working on any of it.  Which should I do first? But I really need to do this as well.  Switching back and forth between tasks we end up not accomplishing anything.

Motivation – What Keeps Us Going?

  • Inspiration – When we get inspired by an idea or a method we often get motivated to do.
  • Obsession – Sometimes we’re too motivated by something and our obsession keeps us going.
  • Something New – It seems to help you get out of a rut when you find a new way of doing things, a new way of thinking about things, or find a new gadget to help you get things done.
  • Promise of a Payoff – Money and other rewards can be great motivators.  You just have to make sure they aren’t the only motivators in your life.
  • Finally Reaching a Turning Point – Sometimes we get so tired of wallowing in our un-motivation we just have to get up and do something!  Other times it takes us until we reach rock bottom to realize that it is up to us to do something about things.  Then we see all the motivation that we need to get going.

Ways to Prioritize and Help Motivation Along

  • Just pick something on your To Do list and do it!
  • Try working on one task at a time.  This helps you focus and once you finish it you feel like something was accomplished.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress when you work at many things for small amounts of time.
  • Schedule small increments of time and chip away slowly.  Sure this seems to counteract what I just said, but different people and different tasks need different methods of working.  You’ll be surprised how much you can get done if you set aside 10 min a day to work on a tough task.
  • Decide what’s the most important thing for you to be working on at that moment and focus on that.  Yes the laundry needs done, the dishes need washed, your books need balancing, and you have to go to the hardware store.  What’s the one task that is most important right now?  Focus on that and get going.
  • You need to decide what needs to get done rather than just what should get done.  This compliments the last tip.  Or maybe it is just another way of saying it.  Either way, it’s some good advice ;^)
  • Reward yourself after completing a challenging or boring task.  You deserve it and it helps you stay motivated.
  • TAKE A BREAK!  Don’t burn yourself out trying to get everything done.  In the long run the time spent relaxing will save time being productive.  When you are tired or worn out you work slower and less efficiently.  When you are rested you have much more energy to get things done.

So what has been holding you back recently?  What has really been motivating you?  Share and we can learn from each other.

3 thoughts on “Motivation or Lack Thereof

  1. Excellent insights and advice! When it comes to creative/artistic motivation, one thing that helps me when I’m unmotivated and uninspired is imitation. I find a finished work I admire (a poem in my case) and find some aspect of it to imitate. That way i don’t have to feel inspired or have a really good idea to get off my butt and produce *something*.


    1. That’s a good idea. Sometimes I’ll work on something like my cuffs which are second nature at this point and then I’ll get ideas for something new while working on them. That’s kind of like imitating myself ;^)


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