Sharing the Twitter Love

I’ve been asking some questions on Twitter lately, and some people have given me some interesting answers.

Why do you make art/craft?

@kirstymhall It keeps me off the streets!

@judithaltman Because I have to… it is practically a compulsion!

@fantasymarks It is the way my eyes see the world ~ I breathe in the art and exhale it. Physics is an art – a dance. My hands move to the beat.

In response to asking about local galleries, I found out about this one that is wonderful!

@jenametal Mobilia Gallery The only outstanding gallery in the area, no I am not it, yes, I would love to be!

It turns out that a lot of people DO NOT use the instructions when assembling something.  (I personally do unless it’s something simple or I can usually figure out electronic type things.)

And this was not in response to anything I asked, but is a great idea:  Organic Pickle for jewelers –

@kallastudios Here’s where I snagged the recipe: