The Darkness in Me

Icicles on my Studio Roof

I love the concept of Winter.  Cold, clear, crisp.  Dark and light at the same time.  The solitude and quiet it can bring.  The stars always seem brightest and clearest this time of year.  The reality is, I am not a Winter person.  I don’t like being cold and wet, and I feel oppressed by all the snow we’ve had this year.  I savor every bit of warmth I can get from the sun.  I am ready for it to be Spring.

As much as I look forward to Spring, I must admit that the season itself doesn’t seem to inspire my work.  I’ve made things that definitely fit into Winter or Autumn, and even a piece or two that speak of Summer.  But no Spring.  Even my Cherry Blossom necklace looks more Winter.

Summer-esque Collar ©2009 WTEK

It must be the darkness.  My work is dark and sometimes moody.  But Spring has no darkness in it.  It’s all about light and color and frolicking.  Autumn is a time of increasing darkness and spooky tales.  Winter is a time to look inward.  Even Summer has a dark primalness to it.

Do I enjoy Spring?  Absolutely!  (I even frolic sometimes.)  But my heart belongs to the dark.  There is a beauty in the dark, in the dirty, that speaks to me.  That is what inspires my art.

Which seasons speak to you?  Which inform your art, your creativity?  Which seasons completely get you down or lift you up?

Ice, Elements #7 ©2009 WTEK

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2 thoughts on “The Darkness in Me

  1. For me it’s definitely winter. I find the cold days invigorating. Easy for me to say that as we don’t have snow… just cold, crisp days. Very inspiring.


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