Olympic Designers – Who Are They?

When talking about the Olympic torch and cauldron, most people speak of the bearers of the torch.  I think about the designer of it.  It would be an awesome challenge to create the cauldron that burns with the Olympic fire during the games.  Each year I always mean to look up more info on the designers, but I never do.  And who designs the medals?

What if this was the Bronze Medal?

OK, I just looked it up and Canada has info about the artist who designed their medals.  You can find out about Corrine Hunt by clicking on her name.  Unfortunately, I can only find out that VANOC designed the cauldron.  Since that is just the Organizing Committee, I’m not sure who the actual designer is.  There was also a lot of mention of the the Gas company supplying the gas for it.  In fact, the medal page sounded like a commercial for the Franklin Mint (or in this case, the Royal Canadian Mint).  These are the symbols of the games and no one seems to care who had the honor of creating them.

Well, I care.  I can’t even find a photo of the cauldron on the official Vancouver 2010 website.  I know “it malfunctioned” but I’d still like to see it.  Anyway, this wasn’t exactly the post I had in mind when I started it.  I got frustrated while trying to find the info.  What I wanted to talk about was the inspiration behind these symbolic works of art.  What each designer thought about when trying to represent both their country and the majesty of the games.  How would I design it?  Well, you can guess that there would be lots of rivets involved ;^)  My designs would probably too dark and gritty for the Olympics.  David Huang‘s would probably more in line with how the Olympic Committee would like the games viewed as.  Yes, next time the Games come to America, we should petition that David get the commission for the Olympic Cauldron.  Who’s with me?

***02/15/2010 Addendum*** I received an email today and was told that the aeronautics firm, Bombardier, designed the torches and the cauldron for Vancouver.  Mike was very helpful and even gave some links – the 2008 VANOC press release – a photo of Wayne Gretzky at the Cauldron – and a Seattle Times article about the fence keeping the public away from the cauldron.

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