The Hammermarks Quest – A Treasure Hunt Giveaway

Win These Copper Fold Formed Earrings (w/ sterling hooks)! 1 1/4" x 1/2" ©2009 WTEK

It’s been a while since I’ve had a giveaway on the old blog here.  I wanted to do something fun this time and try to make you work a little for the prize.  I’m going to send you around to different blogs where you need to find the answers to some questions, and then email me those answers to be in the running for a free pair of my earrings.  Are you psyched yet?!

Head over to Tamra Gentry‘s blog and find out what the name is of the ultra cool material she uses as gemstones that’s made from antique car paint.

Then jump over to Leah Piken-Kolidas’ Creative Everyday and tell me what the name of the series of small paintings she started during Art Every Day Month (Nov 2009) was called.

Take a gander at Koldo Barroso’s blog and tell me the name of the illustrated book he is working on.

Now, go back through the archives here at Hammermarks and tell me the name of the Ethical Metalsmiths project I participated in that recycles unwanted jewelry into new creations.

Once you’ve gathered the answers, email me to be placed in the drawing for the free pair of earrings.  DO NOT LEAVE THE ANSWERS AS A COMMENT!  If the answers are left in a comment, and I am unable to catch it before it posts, the contest will be null and void.  Do not ruin the fun for everyone else.

You have until Midnight on February 20th.  Now, go forth and complete your quest!

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