I’m a Guest Blogger!

I’ve got a guest blog post up at Inkling Media about How Twitter Changed My Life.  Check it out if you want, and make sure to stick around and read some of the other posts.  He has a lot of great info.  (Ken Mueller had a guest post here giving 8 Steps for Artists to Utilize Social Media about a month ago.)

In other news, I will be a presenter at the Fine Arts Day at Lititz Elementary on March 26th.  I want to be the cool artist how brings in a giant anvil for the kids!  Hopefully, I won’t get too much anxiety about speaking in front of all those kids.  I’ll have six presentations throughout the day, so the kids at the end will probably have a smoother presentation than the first group who’s subjected to my speed talking!  I’m sure that my hubby will get sick of me practicing on him.  I’m going to have him stare at me while I work in the studio to help prepare me for my fold forming workshop that’s in April as well.  He’s going to get so sick of me!  (He’s so great.)