Super Bowl Challenge 2010 Complete!

I just finished my bowl for this year’s Super Bowl Challenge.  I love the way it turned out!  I must admit that I worked on it a lot yesterday since we were snowed in, but I did finish it up today.  I have some images of the progression of the piece and then some of the finished bowl.

Make sure if you decided to join us this year in the challenge to link to your blog posts here in the comments and join the SBC Flickr group if you like.  I’m going to visit all the event pages, the photo group, and any blogs that link to here and post a bunch of images later in the week.  I hope that everyone had fun, I know I did!

I cut out the nickel bowl using a pattern I made with my new french curve!
Here's how I held it all together for drilling. Notice how I marked the center lines to keep everything aligned.

After cutting out the nickel, fold forming the copper, and cutting out the half circles, I decided to change the design a little.  Originally I was going to have an even bowl rim with the copper pieces riveted the whole way around and matching up with the cut out portions of the nickel bowl.  I started playing around with them and decided to turn them upside down.  This way the triangle (which I think is a nice detail) acts as the foot to the bowl.

And now, without further ado – THE FINISHED BOWL!

Bottom View of Super Bowl 2010
Inside View of Super Bowl 2010
Side View of Super Bowl 2010
Upside Down Side View of Super Bowl 2010

The bowl is made from nickel, fold formed copper, and brass rivets.  It measures 4 1/2″ across and 1 1/8″ deep.  I used a liver of sulfur patina on the copper and a torch patina on the nickel.  Did I mention again that I love the way it turned out?

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s bowls, and the ones that I have seen are beautiful.  Once again, I’ll post a gallery later in the week.  Thank you everyone who participated and made this challenge so much fun!

Now It's Time To Party!

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6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Challenge 2010 Complete!

  1. Laurie – that’s a shame about your thumb. I hope it’s OK and it heals soon!
    Maureen – Thanks, I like using the mixed metals to add color and different dimensions to my pieces.


  2. Wendy, my thumb is on the mend – no pain today and when I re-bandaided my thumb this morning the nail is not bruising but where the skin that got pinched look a bit worse for wear.

    I think the mallet now has a blood lust now. Strange cleansing rituals might be in the works!.

    I love your bowl and Ben’s is fantastic too.


    1. That is just too funny (or scary!) about the mallet’s blood lust. Maybe I need to cleanse the sledge that smashed my thumb, it might me hungry for more too.


  3. From an outsider perspective it was great to see the Saints got up in the football variety of Super Bowl. Wendy it was great to be part of the Challenge from downunder. Sorry to hear about digit damage to a couple of challengers.

    I posted a few times on the challenge under Art Challenges label on my blog (Rustnstuff) – last post was I think the challenge resulted in some great work.


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