Super Bowl Challenge 2010 Update

Less than a week left before the Super Bowl Challenge, and I’m feeling good!  There have already been some bowls completed by participants.  Check out the Super Bowl Challenge Flickr Group to see some of them.  There has been some work completed on the Crafthaus site and on individual blogs as well.  Once the challenge is over, I will highlight some of the participants here, and hopefully everyone will link to their blog posts, photostreams, etc. so everyone can check them out.

I came up with the design for my bowl this year (no peeking!) and I plan on doing some preliminary work tomorrow.  I’ll just say that there will be fold formed elements and rivets ;^)  Hhhmmmmm, sounds like all my work, huh?  You’ll see it as I get it done, or at least on the post I do once it’s complete.

I’m getting excited, are you?!  Make sure to let us know where to find your work as you complete it.  And have fun!