February Artist of the Month – Sara Westermark

RAD Mosaic 2 ©2010 Sara Westermark

I came across Sara Westermark through the Etsy Metal Ring a Day challenge.

Funky Mandala Ring ©2009 Sara Westermark

Her rings were so amazing, that she inspired me to try my hand at making my own.  You can see that she uses a lot of texture and patina in her pieces (remind you of anyone?) and she doesn’t limit herself by traditional ideas of what a ring should look like.

Then I looked at her Etsy shop and discovered the rest of her work.  Her pendants are just as interesting and organic.  The stones she incorporates are beautiful and the edges to her pieces and fantastic.  There are elements sticking out past the backing, plenty of beautiful negative space, and boy, this woman can pierce!

As you can see, I really like her work.  I think that it has a very earthy quality to it, but also a gritty kind of  outer space feel as well.  Kind of like moonrocks and asteroids.  Make sure to check out Sara’s blog and her Etsy shop.  She deserves your patronage!

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