So Easy Even a Caveman…

My own Scallop Shell Jewelry - Not Made By a Caveman

Last week I stumbled across an NPR article while browsing Facebook pages.  It talked about a new find that shows that Neanderthals wore jewelry and used make-up.  This shows that the urge to adorn is so ingrained in our DNA that even our distant cousins found the means to do it.  Wether they made the jewelry and make-up themselves, or just scavanged it from us, they went out of their way to adorn themselves.

Why do we need to do this?  Jewelry can denote social status with in a group.  It can also have ceremonial purposes.  Probably most important to the primitive people, adornment could help to differentiate themselves from the crowd in the hopes of gaining a mate.  As the article points out, this is something that we never knew about the Neanderthals.  This find helps us view their culture and their relationship to us in a new light.

Why do you wear jewelry?  How different do you feel when you wear make-up?  How has adornment made you who you are today?

One thought on “So Easy Even a Caveman…

  1. I don’t wear makeup – it has to do with years of working in a clean room, where you can’t wear it. BUT I do wear earrings and I have lots of them. Since you are in a clean room, in what is called a bunny suit (one of those white tyvek jump suits you see on things like CSI… and a hair bonnet and shoe booties)

    Since I was wearing a hair bonnet and not the hood, I found that earring were my expression of creativity. I must have over 100 pairs and I am now making my own!


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