What Works and What Sucks About Hammermarks?

Recently, Hammermarks blog stats have gone through the roof (at least in my terms), and I want to thank everyone for reading.  Now I want you to participate.  What are your favorite parts of this blog?  Is it the photos of new work?  The informative posts (such as Better Know Your Hammer)?  The Artist of the Month?  What are the types of post that keep you coming back for more?

Conversely, what are the types of post that you like least?  I may not take these out, but it’s good to know what you don’t think is working.  In fact, it may be even more important to know this rather than what is working!

So leave your comments and then check back in the future to see if I have heeded your advice ;^)

6 thoughts on “What Works and What Sucks About Hammermarks?

  1. Wendy, I always enjoy seeing new work. The hammer features please me greatly. I appreciate the insights of another smith. My favorite activity of yours is the Super Bowl project. Excellent concept. That should be a bunch of fun. Just keep on keeping on. Bravos your way. Brad


  2. I love all the questions you ask us, they really make me think. I find the whole blog very interesting and thought provoking!


  3. Hello Wendy! Photos of finished work are always enjoyable, also links and stuff about people/artists/work that you like and admire, musings and how-tos – it’s all good.


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